I See You Tiramisu

Who’s a fan of tiramisu? Hands please! Anyone? I am not really a tiramisu fan, well after my friends laughed at me for my bad taste in picking out desserts.  Back story, me and my friends went to a dessert café and we decided to each pick out a slice of cake and share the whole thing, so we’d get to taste everything on the menu. I chose, Tiramisu! And the tiramisu was pretty bad. It was hardly touched at the end of dinner.  Anyway, I didn’t develop any hatred or loathing against it, I just realized that not ALL versions of that dish would be amazing. The best tiramisu I tasted so far was the one we had in Rome.  It’ was made in a small container, and it wasn’t super sweet and we enjoyed it!

Okay, I’m beating around the bush, all those stories has nothing to do with why I chose to make this dish, I just wanted to. So here it is. I already made 3 batches of it.  The recipe is also quite simple, and it’s a no-bake dessert, so I won’t get any of that disappointment when I open the oven and find out my concoction was a failure.

Ingredients are pretty simple but the essentials are : eggs, espresso, mascarpone cheese and the Italian lady fingers.

I See You Tiramisu

Thanks and to Carrefour, every single one of those ingredients are readily available.

The only obstacle I had here was whisking the egg whites until it should turn into stiff peaks. The recipe just told me to whisk it quickly and I expected it to happen immediately. I didn’t have a proper food processor at that time so I was just using an electric hand whisker. My hand was already throbbing from the heat and my egg whites were still soft and runny! I called up my super amazing friend and asked her what was wrong. And she said, I shouldn’t have mixed the sugar before whisking the egg whites. The egg whites should be unadulterated before it whisk them. So I had to throw that batch and do it all over again.

I did it right the second time, assembled my tiramisu and put it in the fridge for my friends to eat! Yey! They liked it, and I made 3 batches of it. Brought the third batch to a party, and the guys there were like, you made this? You didn’t take this from the box? I know I should be flattered, but it’s funny how I saw their disbelief in their eyes! Nayahahah!

Whisk egg whites


I took the recipe from my iPad App: GialloZafferano – they have amazing recipes from around the world!

If you don’t have the app I can email the recipe for you drop your request at chesnutsykitchen@gmail.com, but it’s really better to get it, cause it’s free! And you’d be supporting them.


One thought on “I See You Tiramisu

  1. Great blog! I actually read the rest of the entries, but I like this one best because tiramisu is my favorite of all the common desserts here. I might try this recipe sometime. Keep it up 🙂

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