It Started with Lasagna

It started with the lasagna. This thing, this new thing I have that, this new addiction I had to create a whole new blog dedicated to it, my urgent need to cook cook and cook! I just wanna try to make something on my own, and feed my hungry friends and neighbors. This THING all boils down to the lasagna. I don’t cook much, I’m one of those people who can very well survive on restaurant food and fast take-aways. It’s not a really good way to live, but I I’m getting by.  Then one day, suddenly, without warning (I’m running out of expressions here) , I think mid-december I couldn’t quite remember, I decided to host a Christmas party at my flat. With friends, this was supposed to happened a little before Christmas cause I was gonna go home to my family for the holidays. So I said,  How bout it?  Christmas party at my place! I’ll make lasagna! After announcing the craziest idea in the world to my friends, I realized oh no!  I’ve never made lasagna before!  I wouldn’t know how It’d turn out. So during the week, I had to   bust my ass trying to make a good lasagna. The first batch burned.

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The second batch was better. After calling in favors, checking online demos and asking my friends who can really cook lasagna. I sort of improved, and my friends liked it.

Unfortunately, I decided to cancel the party cause I was too lazy to host. So I went home to my family, knowing I can make a proper lasagna. I made it for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day, Lunch with Friends AND New Years Eve! I made it 4 times! And they loved it. Haha and I was so happy. So there you go, when I got back to my flat. I took with me  this new drive to increase my cooking menu and, make more food!

I took my recipe, and most of the recipes that I will be using for this blog from Mark Bittman’s Iphone App: How to Cook Everything.


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