Sought for Risotto

Sought for Risotto

Nothing much to say about this risotto except that I got this idea when my friend (Sars) sent me a link to a Jamie Oliver show on youtube. I forgot the name of the show, I think it was Jamie at home. And he had this amazing garden and would pick out fresh ingredients from his garden would prepare brilliant dishes from them. It was fun and in one of his episodes, he mada a nice mushroom risotto and it made my mouth water! For the risotto, not for Jamie Oliver. Haha. (just to be clear)

So I checked my cup board, and saw that yes! I have porcini, and arborro rice! And there you have it! I made my first ever risotto. The nice thing about making this is that it requires so little ingredients. I think I just sautéed onions and celery, then threw in the rice, the wine, and put the stock little by little. The only pain about making the risotto is constantly stirring it till it’s creamy. But of course the real creamy texture will come out when you place in grated parmeggiano reggano, which I might add is super pricey! Nowadays, I just substitute normal parmesan cheese, I know, I know it’s not the same, but hey, I don’t wanna be broke just cause I wanna to indulge in expensive cheese.
I might add that, porcini doesn’t come cheap either, so it’ll be a looong time before I can do this recipe again. Or may be if someone else bought the ingredients for me. hehe
I gave my friend some, and she liked it. And I ate risotto for almost a week, til I got tired and sick from just a smelling it. all in all it’s a nice experience, and now, I know the reason why when you’re in Italy you can’t simply order just one portion of risotto and why it takes a long time for your order to come.

But at the end it was all worth it ,and it dispelled my idea that risotto is hard to do. And that I, a simple humble human being, cant make risotto.

Took the recipe, or more like eyeballed the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s At Home Episode: Mushrooms.


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