Carbs and Carbonara

So much for not cooking Italian food again, can’t help it, it’s quick and easy. Haha. I’m not a fan of cream based pasta. So I really never tried cooking carbonara before. But I invited my friends over to my flat, so that they can sample my chocolate cheesecake (see previous post). And I wanted to serve them something before the dessert, cause, i don’t know, it’s jus weird not to have any proper meal before dessert. There had to be balance in the universe. And I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make carbonara. Cause I don’t like it, but my friends might! And I can try it on them. I didn’t tell them that it’s my first  time to make it of course.

It was simple and easy basing ingredients: eggs and smokey bacon – and pasta!


They loved it, and it was gone before I could say, boun appetito!! 🙂


Anyway recipe once again got it from my GialloSaferanno Ipad App: pasta CArbonara.


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