You do a Pizza for Me, I do a Pizza for you

After all that Italian food I have prepared, I’m getting a bit excited about the next recipe I had in mind. I figured I can now take on the Godfather of Italian food/dishes… the PIZZA. I am super intimidated by the idea of even considering making pizza, cause let’s face it, there are so many amazing and delicious versions of it out there. And pizza could arguably be the most famous Italian dish! It seems like every country has their own version of pizza. (although I would never for the life of me consider okonomiyaki as pizza)

It’s now time to bring out the big guns. Pizza dough making. I first consulted

my reliable cooking app: how to cook everything, by Mark Bittman, and I wasn’t  really surprised that the recipe was there. But I’m still intimidated  I wanted to see how it’s really made, luckily, I found a nice and super helpful youtube video that makes cooking pizza dough look super easy, that’s thanks to Laura Vitale from her YouTube channel: Laura in the kitchen— here’s the link!!

The only thing I didn’t have is that pizza stone wood that I keep hearing people say one must have in order to make good pizza. And my oven’s really small anyway.

But before we go into the baking part, let’s start at the very beginning, the dough!

As Laura said, it’s pretty simple, mix the flour yeast and water and voila!! You have your dough!

photo (1)

After letting it rest for about 2 hours to wait for it to rise, you can start molding your pizza with your hands!! Woohoo. !


This was the best part for me, although my dough was not as smooth as what I’ve seen in the video. Mine’s a bit too sticky, like I always need flour on fingers so that i can work on it. Laura just amazingly formed her pizza with her hands and it was nice and even! I wanted to take a knack at it! And just formed the dough in my hands… Not the best idea is the world. So I popped the thing only baking sheet and boom! My pizza was soooo, messed up! Sit’s sooo bad. Take a look at the failed attempt here.


I didn’t have a proper pizza pan at home, so used a round cake pan. And molded the pizza dough  in it. It got bette only thing is the crust was too thick for my liking. My friend told me that the only way to make the crust a bit thinner is to really roll it out with a rolling pin.


And there you have it!!

photo (34)

Oh and pizza sauce is super simple too! I sort of copied Laura, but what I did was: mix canned tomatoes and tomato paste, dried basil, dried oregano, salt and pepper and dried chillies. I didn’t have the powdered garlic and powdered onion at home. And I didn’t want to cook my pizza sauce anymore.

Here are the other flavours I tried:

photo (27)

Simple mozzarella and tomato sauce

photo (32)

With baked potato and ricotta cheese

photo (30)

With olives capers and balsamic vinegar.

I just tossed whatever’s in my fridge. 🙂 Yum!


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