Mapo Tofu (NHK Japanese version)

Mapo tofu is a Chinese dish and you’ll often find this dish in Chinese restaurants. It’s a nice spicy dish made of minced pork and tofu. Me and my colleagues before loved ordering this in Chinese restaurants, and I kind of missed it. I went into this Japanese specialty story, and I saw this premade sauce, where you’ll only have to add the tofu and the minced pork. I bought it and made it. And.. it sucked. See the picture below. So, that was the end of that.


On to the silver lining of this post, one of my friends here recommended this site that posts a ton of Japanese recipes! It’s from NHK – here’s the link.

It’s super awesome. They make Japanese cooking seem so easy. And I found a Japanese version of Mapo Tofu! In this Japanese version, the main source of protein are still te same: silken tofu, minced pork, and chilli, and then we have all these Jap ingredients thrown into the mix like, dashi, sugar and Mirin. Luckily, I have all these Japanese ingredients, thanks to another friend of mine who helped me shopped for Japanese ingredients in Tokyo, she told me where she buys all these things at a cheaper price. (Cause everything there is so expensive!!) Anyway, I digress, so I made the tofu, and ate it for a week. I normally pack these things for lunch. It’s best paired with Japanese short grain rice.

Also, I’ve replaced the minced pork with ground chicked meat, and I went all out on the shredded leeks. I just like it that way. And voila, here’s my version of the Japanese Mapo Tofu recipe as mentioned in NHK.



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