Tomato-Tomahto Mozzarella

This one, I just had these ingredients in my Fridge, I was hungry and I just tossed them together. I just woke up from a long day of sleeping. Oh yes, I’m as lazy as they come. And I was hungry. I didn’t want to prepare anything difficult; I just wanted to immediately satiate my gnawing hunger. (okay I am over exaggerating. )

I wasn’t that hungry, then I SPOTTED:

1.       Mozzarella

2.       Tomatoes

3.       Very delicious sweet and thick balsamic vinegar! (Got this from Florence)

Ding ding ding! I have my lunch! (or breakfast, or whatever).


It’s so simple and yummy, I didn’t even bother to slice them properly, and I just drizzled them with extra virgin olive oil. And DELISH!


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