Dumplings My Darling

Happy Chinese New Year!!  — or should I say, belated Happy Chinese New Year. This entry’s a bit delayed cause I made this dumplings last Feb 10, during the Chinese new year, in celebration of it. Cause everyone’s been posting about it on Facebook, and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. And the most ubiquitous, (at least for me), Chinese dish is the steamed dumplings! Also, I just saw Anthony Bourdain’s trip to Shanghai, and they went to this dumpling place. It looks so yum!! Check out the episode here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SenvN3SjVbo

I swear the dumplings looks yum! And the pork broth! Omg. Yeah, I just watched it again after pasting the link here. I know I won’t be able to make something as good, and I’ve never been to Shanghai to actually know what it tastes like, but I’ve had my fair share of dumplings to at least know if my dumplings will be good or not.

The hardest part of making the steamed dumplings is making wrappers of course. I took my recipe once again from my ever so reliable “How to Cook Everything” app. I you guys want me to email them to you just drop me an email at chesnutsykitchen@gmail.com and I can send you the recipe.

I’ll just show some of the screen shots here. It’s so amazing how they also show you how to roll it and everything.


Basically, the dumpling dough is just made up of flour, water, and salt. All you have to do is combine them, let it set for a while, then form your little dumpling wrappers! I just used a rolling pin to make it thinner. The thinner the better for me.

The filling is the easy part, I just sautéed, fresh ground chicken sausage, leeks, onions and ginger. Everything was minced in a food processor.

When my wrappers have been formed, I steamed them voila! Steamed dumplings at your service! I just dip them in vinegar, and ooh lala. So OISHII! – sorry, I don’t know how to say delicious in Chinese!

photo (20)


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