When You Wish Upon A Star-Shaped Pancake

Star shaped pancakes

I made some pancakes from a typical pancake mix batter. You know those regular just-add-water boxes that you see in the supermarket. It’s really better to use milk  and add that egg to make the batter better. Of course, frying it in butter will even sweeten the deal.


I just made my pancakes star shaped for that added effect. And I literally placed a cherry  on top to represent the proverbial cherry. The reason I ended up making this pancake is because I found a really cute pancake molder in the store.  It’s a bit tricky to use because you have to put the molder in the pan, then pour the batter inside the star. It’s hard to flip it over. It probably would have been easier to just make the normal round shaped pancakes and cut the sides.

I also poured a generous amount of chocolate syrup on this, but it looked bad so I’m not gonna show it.

There will be no recipe today. But I am working on a delish pancake batter. So watch out for that soon!


PB&J – Pear, Brie and Jambon


This is gonna be a quick one.   PBJ – I got this idea from Modern Family when Cameron mentioned this sandwich. And I go like, hey! That sounds like a really yummy combination. Pear, Brie and Jambon! – Jambon stands for ham. But the thing that made this sandwich go from yummy to sandwich-heaven? The key was Dijon mustard. I really don’t have to make a recipe but here goes.





Ham (I used Turkey Ham)

Dijon Mustard

Baguette (French bread, or any white bread will do.


  1. Slice the pear and brie thinly.
  2. Slice the baguette in half.
  3. Place the brie and pear on one side.
  4. Spread the Dijon mustard on the other side.
  5. Close the sandwich
  6. BITE and enjoy the sweet-salty-tangy flavor in your mouth.


Cheesecake Not from the Factory

I had to stop my Italian streak somehow, I do like Italian food, I’m not saying I stopped liking it. I mean, can you even switch it off?  But now, I feel like I’ve had too much flour in my mouth from making and baking all of  those pizzas I really didn’t stop making until I got the right kind of thickness and the right kind of moistness that I wanted. Mind  you, it’s still not the same as normal restaurant pizzas. But I had to do for now. It was quite crazy. Even for me. So now I wanted to try a cake and I wanted to try Chocolate cheesecake in particular.

Oh yes, there is a boring story behind it. It’s cause I have tasted the most delicious cheesecake ever! It’s even free! (see the best things in life are!) Once upon a time my aunt who used to get us tons of free stuff from her ex-deal pay at work often shares her goodwill.  In one of those work freebies, she gave us a whole chocolate cheesecake from Dusit hotel. And it was soooooo good! It was a long time ago but I couldn’t forget how good it was.  It tasted like dark chocolate. Now, I’m reliving those childhood memories of sneaking in the fridge and taking a nice slice I decided to make my own version of a chocolate cheese cake.

The recipe I got from my GialloSafferano IPAD App (please refer to my Chesnutsykitchen resources page to learn more about the apps that I use for my reference.  If you don’t have the app I can email the recipe for you drop your request at chesnutsykitchen@gmail.com, but it’s really better to get it, cause it’s free! And you’d be supporting them.)

The ingredients weren’t so hard to fine: it had Philadelphia cream cheese, ricotta cheese and melted dark chocolate and the best of all.. NO Flour! Yey!

Just so you know, this is actually my first time to bake a cake, so I don’t know the basic stuff like, melting chocolates! Apparently, you can’t melt chocolates directly into the fire cause it will surely burn..  Hahaha, but that’s what I did! And it did burn. So save the horrid disaster I just shaved off the top part and removed the burned bottom, and mixed it into my chocolate cheese cake filling. The problem with that is, you’ll still get that burnt taste of chocolate.

photo (9)

Cheese Cake burn  - slice

Part two, I know now about the chocolate melting part. What I did was, melt it on a steal bowl on top of boiling water. The problem with this batch is, I over whisked the eggs , and the filing become too fluffy  my liking. It’s okay, but it’s still not the cheese cake that I wanted.

Cheesecake - fluff

The last and final batch, I finally got what I wanted. I did everything right this time. And added a bit more dark chocolate into the filing. I think that’s what did the trick. The cheese cake was rich, dark-chocolately, no burnt taste and not too fluffy. It’s just perfetto!

Chocolate Cheesecake

So there go my favourite cake: chocolate cheese cake with berries on top.  It’s nice to put strawberries or blueberries, cause the sour taste combined with the super sweet cake is so yum. And you can really just eat a sliver at a time.