Salut Chocolate Soufflé

Oh chocolate soufflé why are you so pricey? Ever wonder about that? Or are there other better things to wonder about? Like why did Breaking Bad end so soon? Or what the hell am I talking about? Anyway, in one boring afternoon I was able to ponder on the enigma that is Chocolate soufflé. I checked out the recipe and the ingredients were easy to find that I can get them out of my kitchen in a jiff. It’s just a bit of cocoa, melted choco and egg whites.

The idea is to have the chocolate soufflé light fluffy and airy. That just sounded like the same thing, but it’s true the recipe sounded super simple I couldn’t help but try it out myself. I took another page from the Giallo Saferano Ipad App. And began my long awaited journey into cloud 9 soufflé

Ingredients: powdered 40g sugar, 150ml milk, eggs separated, 140g chocolate, 10g cornstarch.
Method: heat up the milk, melt the chocolate, mix in the yolks, beat the whites, fold everything together! And then pour it into those nice soufflé ceramic cups, just like shown in the picture.

Sounds simple JA?

After baking the soufflé, I realized why it is what it is. (what?) First of all, the light airy thing is not that easy to achieve. In order to get that light and fluffy thing going on is to fold the mixture on the egg whites gently. You always hear these in recipes where they tell you to make sure that you leave the air in or something. Well this time you really have to MAKE SURE, cause it matters. It’s all the matters! Haha. Nothing else matters but the air!

I didn’t bother to troubleshoot it properly, but I made it twice before I got the soufflé-like look. Also, the airiness of the soufflé puffs out within seconds! Like really quickly! I’m not even kidding. So if you wanna brag about your recipe and wanna post it on the world wide web like I do, move fast. The picture below was a tad too late. It was a bit puffier when it first came out of the oven. And as said in the recipe, soufflé does don’t store AT ALL. So you have to eat it as soon as you take it out of the oven, like right now! NOW!

It was quite nice actually, but I don’t think I’ll do it again cause I have to finish everything in one go. It’s something I just had to try for myself. Despite the simple ingredients it’s not that simple to make. I think I kind of get now why they charge so much on this sucre dessert. Au revoir for now! 🙂


Arnold Swarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake)

Vat! Vhy a German Cake? I don’t know, I cant pozzibly ezksplain! May be it’s ze path to greatness! They are after all “the most efficient race in Europe” according to Sir Winston Churchhill. Okay, I just pulled that out of the air, because for a while now I’ve been looking at several recipes online for the Swarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black forest cake). It’s a nice looking and delicious party cake that takes a lot of time to make. I just decided to make this cause I missed it. It’s been a very long while since I’ve had a nice slice of a black forest cake.  In order to satiate my longing for this sweet delight I tried hunting for this cake in the local cafés around.  This is when I noticed that this particular cake is not really a common “café-cake”.  What you’ll normally see in cafés are cheesecakes (and all its derivatives), carrot cakes, and chocolates cakes (all variations of it). You’ll also get that occasional tiramisu. And I most certainly don’t want to buy a whole black forest cake from the supermarket or bakery. It’s a huge gamble, I mean, what if the cake sucked? What will I do with a whole black forest cake?


Lucky that I’m still in this crazy cooking frenzy and a voice inside my head told me to make a Black Forest Cake. I know, I’m not really going for the easy street here. And yes, I know it takes more effort and possibly costs more to make one. But, I wanted to! Ironically, I’ll still have a full black forest cake that I don’t know how I’ll finish. But at least I’m gonna learn something new. So that’s where the seed of this forest began.


Unfortunately for me though none of my cooking apps have the original German Black Forest Recipe. Or even the American variation of the cake. So I started scavenging online for a nice proper recipe. And all I’ve a found are these super sweet American versions. I even saw one that spread Chocolate Ganache on the side of the cake! Omg. That’s super crazy sweet! (What did I expect right?)


And I wanted the real schwarzwalder kirschtorte! With vigilant searching I found  something on youtube. And here’s the link.


It’s made by a German /girl or guy I’m not quite sure, and she has English translations for the recipe. I was super happy that I found it and I followed the to the G.


There are several steps into building this forest of a cake. It’s a humongous cake.  And it’s really not that difficult, it’s just  that there are too many things happening all at the same time. Here’s the recipe for your Reference.


Note: I did not use his/her recipe for the sponge cake. Here’s the recipe that I did and tested.



Sponge cake

6 room temp eggs

180 grams of flour

100 grams of sugar

100 grams of melted chocolate

20 grams cocoa powder

60 grams of melted butter


Cherry filling:

Sour cherries 500g

The cherryjuice of that

4 tbsps of cornstarch

2 tbsps sugar



Whipped Cream

3 tbsps Sugar

Chocolate shavings




  1. Melt the dark chocolate
  2. Mix in the eggs and sugar until combined well.
  3. With an electric mixer, beat the eggs till they are white and foamy.
  4. Add in the  cocoa powder
  5. Add in the flour (sifted)
  6. Add in the melted butter
  7. Bake for about 25mins at 170deg
  8. Dissolve the cornstarch in water
  9. Mix it with the cherry and sugar and boil till thick
  10. Whip the cream and add sugar
  11. Now to assemble. Cut you cake in half
  12. Drizzle sponge cake with cherry syrup
  13. On one side, spread the cherry and spread whipped cream
  14. Cover the sponge cake on the filling like a sandwich
  15. Drizzle more cherry on top
  16. Cover the whole cake with whipped cream.
  17. Sprinkle chocolate shavings.
  18. Decorate as you like!




My experience with it: It’s better to make a chocolate sponge cake , so that the cherry syrup will soak into the cake. Then you need to make the cherry filling. That part’s easy, you just need to cook cherries form a jar, with sugar and cornstarch. Then whip your cream. Don’t even think about getting those horrible canned whipped cream. Whip yours!  It’s super easy, just make sure your bowl and cream are super cold before you start whisking them to make whipped cream.

When everything’s prepared. Slice your cake in half, slab the cherry filling in between with whipped cream. Then cover with the other half of the cake. The cover the whole thing with whipped cream.  And sprinkle a whole lot of chocolate shavings.  I used a vegetable peeler on my dark chocolate in order to achieve the desired effect. And DER YUU HAVE IT! The Schwarzwalder Kirshctorte.



A side story to this entry, I dont remember if I mentioned this before, but whenever I concoct something in my kitchen I normally invite friends over to have a taste. Or we’ll meet up somewhere and I’ll bring in my experiments. They are my “sampling crew”, or so I call them in my head.  So anyway, I invite one of my friends, and I didn’t know that it was her birthday on the same day that I was gonna have my Black Forest Sampling! It was so funny, I had to change the whole theme of the event  and made it her birthday dinner. What a funny coincidence! Auf Wiedersehen!




Cheesecake Not from the Factory

I had to stop my Italian streak somehow, I do like Italian food, I’m not saying I stopped liking it. I mean, can you even switch it off?  But now, I feel like I’ve had too much flour in my mouth from making and baking all of  those pizzas I really didn’t stop making until I got the right kind of thickness and the right kind of moistness that I wanted. Mind  you, it’s still not the same as normal restaurant pizzas. But I had to do for now. It was quite crazy. Even for me. So now I wanted to try a cake and I wanted to try Chocolate cheesecake in particular.

Oh yes, there is a boring story behind it. It’s cause I have tasted the most delicious cheesecake ever! It’s even free! (see the best things in life are!) Once upon a time my aunt who used to get us tons of free stuff from her ex-deal pay at work often shares her goodwill.  In one of those work freebies, she gave us a whole chocolate cheesecake from Dusit hotel. And it was soooooo good! It was a long time ago but I couldn’t forget how good it was.  It tasted like dark chocolate. Now, I’m reliving those childhood memories of sneaking in the fridge and taking a nice slice I decided to make my own version of a chocolate cheese cake.

The recipe I got from my GialloSafferano IPAD App (please refer to my Chesnutsykitchen resources page to learn more about the apps that I use for my reference.  If you don’t have the app I can email the recipe for you drop your request at, but it’s really better to get it, cause it’s free! And you’d be supporting them.)

The ingredients weren’t so hard to fine: it had Philadelphia cream cheese, ricotta cheese and melted dark chocolate and the best of all.. NO Flour! Yey!

Just so you know, this is actually my first time to bake a cake, so I don’t know the basic stuff like, melting chocolates! Apparently, you can’t melt chocolates directly into the fire cause it will surely burn..  Hahaha, but that’s what I did! And it did burn. So save the horrid disaster I just shaved off the top part and removed the burned bottom, and mixed it into my chocolate cheese cake filling. The problem with that is, you’ll still get that burnt taste of chocolate.

photo (9)

Cheese Cake burn  - slice

Part two, I know now about the chocolate melting part. What I did was, melt it on a steal bowl on top of boiling water. The problem with this batch is, I over whisked the eggs , and the filing become too fluffy  my liking. It’s okay, but it’s still not the cheese cake that I wanted.

Cheesecake - fluff

The last and final batch, I finally got what I wanted. I did everything right this time. And added a bit more dark chocolate into the filing. I think that’s what did the trick. The cheese cake was rich, dark-chocolately, no burnt taste and not too fluffy. It’s just perfetto!

Chocolate Cheesecake

So there go my favourite cake: chocolate cheese cake with berries on top.  It’s nice to put strawberries or blueberries, cause the sour taste combined with the super sweet cake is so yum. And you can really just eat a sliver at a time.