I boast of my French Toast

So here I am again, am gonna start blogging again. It’s not that I actually stopped cooking. It’s more of I got inspired again to put up more posts. I really don’t want to put it all to waste. I just want to see all my hard work in one place. Haha. Hard work right, it’s just following recipes. Might sound simple. But it’s not. Really. At least for me.

I’m gonna try to put up pictures and videos and try to manage and upload more content on my youtube and instagram accounts. I’ve only also just discovered this amazing thing called snapchat. Well, I just need to remember to save my snaps. It’s quite easy to just make videos off it, and just upload it on youtube. Anyway, this blog is not about me, or what I have been doing in my life, it’s about making super simple, French toast.

I thought of making French Toast because two days ago was the Bastille Day, obviously, since I started writing this down, it’s already been over a week. And yet, I am still unable to post anything. Back to my current topic, French toast. Let’s just talk about last weekend. A couple of friends, well, friends of friends came over from Melbourne. They slept over at my roomie’s room, and I decide to make them French toast in the morning. So there you have it.

Here’s a nice pic of it.


I didn’t do anything particularly special about it. It’s just regular French toast. Which I recently discovered that in France they don’t call French toast French toast, cause duh, it’s English. Also, cause they call it Pain Perdu which literally means Lost Bread. Haha. I think it’s cause they want to save the bread from being thrown away, hence they make French toast.

Okay, on to the recipe.

I used Italian Sourdough bread here, the really tough kind. You will taste the sourness a bit, but it works well with the maple syrup.


  1. 4 slices of Italian sourdough bread
  2. Full Cream milk – it has to be this
  3. A table spoon of sugar
  4. 2 eggs
  5. Butter
  6. Maple Syrup


Beat all the eggs with the milk and sugar.

Soak your bread for about 3-5mins

Heat the pan and melt the butter

Toast your French Toast

When done, serve up with some Maple Syrup

Here’s a quick vid of the process!

French Toast in Real Life

Yay! IMG_1079


Bonjour Croque Monsieur!

Okay here I am, taking baby steps into the vast and daunting world of French cuisine. I know what you’re thinking.. good luck with THAT! Honestly, I hear a lot of talk about how the best cooks in the world are from France. Or if you want to really study from the best culinary ekspeRR (experts) go to PaRRRiie. (Paris)  But growing up for me, even now, I don’t feel that I’ve even tapped the surface of French food. And I’m only talking about eating here. I feel like I would only know the food is French if I look at the menu say my order to the waiter, then the waiter would  repeat my order to me, and it’d sound COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I had just said. So I’d double back, and just say, that’s the one with the mushrooms right? Okay. We’re cool. THEN I would know it’s French! Hahaha.

Kidding aside though, I seriously wanna learn more about this intimidating gastronomic annomaly. But I think I should start with the basics. Off the top of my head, the only food I’d probably associate with the French are, croissants onion soup, and foies gras. But there are so so much more than that, the basics, or the base of most recipes may even be French!!  Let’s see, there’s Omelette, mayonnaise, béchamel sauce, pastries, and well, a gazillion cheeses! J  Even the words hors d’ouvres and Entrée are French! Haha. But this I blog entry is not about learning French food or even French words. It’s about trying to make a really really simple French Toast. J

So I decided to look around the web for a nice and easy French dish. Well, it’s not really a dish, more of a sandwich.  I decided to make the Croque Monsieur! (A fancy French Toast) It’s a simple sandwich the only main and not-so-difficult part of it is making the béchamel sauce.  I took the béchamel sauce recipe from Mark Bittman’s iphone app: How to Cook Everything. As usual.


So assembling the croque monsieur is slightly easier than assembling a lasagna: start with a nice white and soft sandwich bread, a layer of sliced turkey ham (you can use any kind of ham), spread on that white thick béchamel  sauce and  top it with a good  helping of grated gruyere cheese, close the sandwich with another slice of bread, béchamel and more grated gruyere! Then pop it in the oven for a few mins. And VOILA! you have a nice rich delicious French sandwich! – and if you wanna sound a bit more sophisticated call it Croque Monsieur.croq1

The only thing expensive about this dish is the Gruyere cheese. I know it’s so good that’s why I really got the right cheese for this, but you can substitute it with grated Gouda or grated Emmental.


Here’s my Gouda version, it’s not grated though, I just had them sliced. But it did the trick nonetheless. Kept me satisfied! Bon appetite! 🙂

croq gouda


Oh and I got the recipe from GialloSafferano Ipad App. Check it out! 🙂