Japasta Spinach and Salmon

I honestly do not remember where I got this recipe from, so I won’t be able to give credit. Good thing I still kind of remember how to make it. This post is a little bit late so, I’m really just going to rack my brain and hope that I stored this dish in my non-volatile memory

I can vaguely remember why I might have wanted to make this. I probably had spinach and salmon in my fridge, and I just crawled the web for a good recipe for it. And was I in luck! Cause this dish is so simple and sooo delightfully good.  It’s just like stir frying the spinach and salmon then adding up the pasta in the end. I added nori and leek to make it more tasty. It’s one of the best pasta dishes that’s not Italian. The key here is to cook the pasta aldente then just stir fry it quickly. Okay let’s now go to the recipe:


Grated garlic — or use a garlic crusher. I’m lazy like that.

Grated ginger

2 tbsps of soy sauce




Olive oil



1. First of all boil the pasta. I usually boil mine for about 5 minutes so that it’s still super aldente even after I stir fry the thing. There’s nothing worst that soggy pasta you can’t fit in your mouth.

2. Set your pasta aside. And prepare the frying pan. Drizzle with oil.

3. Begin frying the garlic and ginger.

4. When it gets a bit brown and the aroma fills your kitchen, put in the salmon.

5. This is a very quick dish. When the salmon becomes pale, put in your spinach.

6. Constantly stir the dish, and pour in the soy sauce.

7. Now add in your pasta. You can put more olive oil at this point if you want.

8. Continue to fry for about 15seconds or less. And voila!

9. Plate your dish and garnish with leaks and nori

Was that quick or what? You’ll have to work fast cause you don’t want to over cook anything. And as you probably have noticed most of the ingredients cook really quickly. This is a good weeknight dinner cause it’s super easy to make and healthy to an extent as well. This goes without saying but please wash all the veggies and fish in this dish. Cause that’s just gonna cancel out the healthy part.

After typing this out, I think I wanna make it myself now! Try it! Itadakimasu!