When You Wish Upon A Star-Shaped Pancake

Star shaped pancakes

I made some pancakes from a typical pancake mix batter. You know those regular just-add-water boxes that you see in the supermarket. It’s really better to use milk  and add that egg to make the batter better. Of course, frying it in butter will even sweeten the deal.


I just made my pancakes star shaped for that added effect. And I literally placed a cherry  on top to represent the proverbial cherry. The reason I ended up making this pancake is because I found a really cute pancake molder in the store.  It’s a bit tricky to use because you have to put the molder in the pan, then pour the batter inside the star. It’s hard to flip it over. It probably would have been easier to just make the normal round shaped pancakes and cut the sides.

I also poured a generous amount of chocolate syrup on this, but it looked bad so I’m not gonna show it.

There will be no recipe today. But I am working on a delish pancake batter. So watch out for that soon!